Third Sunday in Lent – 4th March 2018

Making a whip out of some cord, he drove them all out of the Temple – Gospel

Is it unchristian to get angry? Jesus is clearly angry. The situation demanded it and he acted accordingly. Showing his anger was honest and courageous. A weaker person would have walked away without any action.

There are times when showing anger can be a challenge to act like Jesus. We need to discern these times carefully for we know we can use anger recklessly and thoughtlessly on others. But when situations demand an angry and outraged reaction, we should know it is Christ–like to give expression to it. To show anger is at times a courageous action. There may be consequences we would rather not have to live with.

At such times there can come a temptation that the true Christian spirit is to forgive or excuse or not to disrupt harmony or hurt others’ feelings. So we do nothing…..we  allow unjust, unhealthy, unchristian attitudes and actions to prevail in our midst.