Eighth Sunday after Pentecost – 15th July 2018

All my being, bless God’s holy name.

We acknowledge fairly readily that we as human beings are unique on this planet of ours. We have intelligence and free will. We can love.

We are creatures before the Creator, and in the immensity and vastness of creation we are unique in that we can consciously give God praise for it all.

We can praise God in a way that the material world, with all its grandeur and beauty, cannot. For we can praise with hearts and minds, with words and with songs.

We can adore God with praise that all the multi million types of plant life cannot express for all their wonder and diversity.

We can praise God in a way the animals can only suggest with their movements.

In us the material, the plant, and the animal world find expression: we can bless and praise Good, conscious of what we are doing. We can pray this prayer on behalf of our planet.

God is With Us
Reflections for Sundays
Michael Morwood MSC