Easter – 24th April 2011

Who are you? What is your name? Your occupation? What are you known for? What are you here for? What do you stand for? … So many questions but who was really listening to the answers?

If you have been reading your bible and reading of the events that took place during the last week of Jesus life, you will have heard these, and many more questions asked of and about Jesus. He answers these questions in many different ways but few understood his answers until after Good Friday and Easter Day.

There are many other characters encountered along the way and the same questions can be asked of them all. There was the woman who anointed Jesus with the very costly Nard, there was hotheaded Peter who vowed to die with Jesus but denied him in fear. There were 9 other disciples who ran away with fear. There was John who stayed reasonably close and was identified with Jesus mother at the cross. There was Pilate who washed his hands of the problem of Jesus and a number of women who remained steadfast to the end … and then there was Judas who, for whatever reason betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. There were centurions, soldiers and Pharisees… and they were rich, poor and everything in between!

They were real people, no more or less human than you or I, all moved by the myriad hopes and fears, hungers and longings, loves and desires that have motivated humanity since the beginning of time.

And what of you? Who are you? Where do you fit into the story?

Truth be told, we are no different to those who walked and talked and journeyed with Jesus. Like them, we can find our place in the story. We are, none of us, perfect. We hope and fear, love and doubt as they did. And, just like them, we are beloved children of God. He knows the answers to all of our questions. He sent his Son to die for me, and you too!

He also rose for you! Rejoice and be glad for this is good news indeed!

Hold on to this hope.

May blessing

Rev Shan.