21st August 2014 – 11th Sunday After Pentecost A

Last week I challenged you to think of 3 things for which to give thanks to God, each day.  That’s 21 prayers of gratitude to God for the week!

I have taken the challenge myself and share with you 21 things for which I have had reason to give thanks during this week.

  1. Maurie – who knows and loves me – warts and all.
  2. Humour, especially in unexpected situations…. Laughter lightens the load and lifts the clouds.
  3. Family reunions and the ties of blood and shared experience that bind us together across time and space.
  4. Faith, hope and love without which I would barely exist.
  5. People who will stick by you and support you when you need to cry.
  6. The easy, innocent chatter and laughter of children.
  7. Friends who listen without judgment when you need to talk out your worries and
  8. Friends who can do so without feeling the need to fix you or the situation.
  9. The arms of my grandchildren wrapped around my neck or thrown around my waist in greeting.
  10. My dog putting his head on my lap for a pat.
  11. Unexpected gifts.
  12. My brother who took the time to call me just for a chat.
  13. Strength and energy to take Merlin for long walks.
  14. Our beautiful parklands and well kept playground equipment on which Sienna and Seth have been having so much fun.
  15. Rain
  16. My Mum, who is always ready to listen and pray.
  17. People who pray for me and who send messages of encouragement.
  18. Meaningful employment.
  19. Birthday invitations.
  20. A spare room to retreat to sometimes when Maurie’s snoring gets too much.
  21. My parish family

Love and blessings

Reverend Shan