31st August 2014 – 12th Sunday After Pentecost A

The stories of prophets like Moses and Jeremiah put words and images to spiritual, transcendent encounters with the holy, that call people out of themselves to live for something more: more faith, more hope, more love. We may not recognize our own spiritual journeys in these larger-than-life tales, but the sense of feeling that God is on our side and that God is present to us in extraordinary ways is something we might well relate to. At least, we can be open to such feelings and encounters. If we only bring our rational minds to the faith, we might miss whole dimensions of God’s call on our lives. Like Moses turning aside, we can develop our peripheral vision and keep watch for the glimpses of God that will surprise and energise us.

In our journeying this week we are challenged to look for signs that God is at work in the world at large and within our own small sphere of experience


Reverend Shan

(With Thanks to Words For Worship by Mediacom)